Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Ganja Regional Culture and Tourism Department

Balakan city
Balaken district - the most northwestern district in the Republic. In the west and in the south the district is bounded with Georgia. "Balaken" word -for word envisages "sall village". Approximately half of the area territory lies in mountain locality, another part - at plain. In the district, there are many mountain rivers, lake spread out nerby Katekh Mountain. For the northern, mountain part of the area specifically to have cold climate, for plains - moderate. mid yearly level of humidity comprise 41%. Mid monthly temperature +13 C. In the northern part of the region there is woodland, there grow such trees as grab, alber, oak, chestnut, acacia, out of brushwood-strawberry, dog-rose and etc. There are more than 30 types of medicinal herds. Balaken area occupies two third territory of the Zagatala National Park. In the district, you may found out numerous historical and architectural monuments. Among them: albanian temple of IX-X centuries allocated in 18-19 km of the west of district center, Peri tower of XII-XIII centuries in Gullar village; mosque with unusual the highest minaret of XVII-XIX centuries in Balaken city; memorial of Iron Age - Nokho cave on Gubek mountain; Pir (sanctuary) and ruins of living place of V-VIII centuries having been allocated beneath the mountain in 2 km to the west of Mahamalar village; jug burial dated by II-I centuries B.C. being situated in 1 km to the north of Mahamalar village; underground impoundment and mosque of 1780- in Gullar village; mosque of XVIII century, tower of XIX century and two ancient temples in Katekh village; mausoleum of XIV century in Tulu village; mosque of 1910 in Ititala village; temple of XIV century in Mazimchay village; medieval large city being allocated at Meklakan mountain. In Museum of regional studies, there are being showed historical-cultural values, products of traditional handcrafts and other exhibits. In the area there are developed handicrafts such as ceramic occupancy, products being manufactured from copper, manufacturing of tracery timber lattices - shebeke, cutting on wood, tanning and "tambour seam" handicraft being rare in Azerbaijan - type of embroidery, under which being on dark background, one may perform complicated fanciful pattern with silky bright threads. The district center - Balaken city. In the city there is park being occupied 7,5 Hectares of the area. Where to stay There are Hotel Tel. 5 12 97, guesthouse and motel Tel. 5 24 02, 5 24 79. Where to eat "Shabalidlig" and "Katekh" restaurants. It is also possible to eat and relax in the poen air in various improvised kebabkhanas.