Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Ganja Regional Culture and Tourism Department

Bilasuvar city
Bilasuvar district being allocated in the west is bounded with Iran. Climate in the region is hot, dry. District is known as cotton area. Except for cotton in economy of the district, privileged place are occupied with cereal livestock. There are different origin versions of Bilasuvar name to exist. By one of versions, this is a place of fighting of two joined tribes "bilyars" and "suvars" against the enemy, by fusion of which it was formed the name of terrain. By another one's - the name has had origin taken from word combination "burda su var", which means, "here is water". Upon ancient origin the area, it reminds monuments of history - Shakhriyar fortress, Agdam tower, Toragay and Nargiz hills, concealing a lot of undisclosed secretes of the past. Where to stay One might stay at hotel and in guesthouse. Where to eat For services of guest there is "Zirva" club Tel. 3 25 15. In addition, you may eat not expensive and tasty local dishes at improvised kebab cafes.