Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Ganja Regional Culture and Tourism Department

Kurdamir city
Kyurdamir district is allocated at Shirvan plain and spreading out alongside the left Kura riverbank. Administrative center of the district - Kyurdamir city. Climate in the area is subtropical, summer happens hot. On the territory of the district, there are inhabited animals, like wolf, fox, jackal, wild boar, among birds there met like pheasant, turaj, geese, ducks etc. Kyurdamir district is considered homeland of the well-known sort of grape "Shirvanshahi". In village of Mollakend on Kura riverbank, in 25 km from district center there "Shefget" sanatorium is allocated, operating on the base of radon water taken from hot source, beating from underground in area of Jarli. Sanatorium at the same time is capable to accommodate till 50 men. For services of recreated people, here it was constructed swimming pool. In Kyurdamir district there are exist richest traditions of ancient people's handicraft - carpet weaving. From ancient times there are well known local carpets "Shilyan", receiving its name from similar village. Where to stay You can rent the private house or room at moderate price. Where to eat You can taste national dishes in "Leyli" restaurant, local cafes and kebabkhanas.