Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Ganja Regional Culture and Tourism Department

Fuzuli city
Not far away from disappeared ruins Garabag town (around of Garasu and Araz rivers to be merged) of the right Guruchay riverbank it was emerged Garabulag settlement. Since 1956 it became town and have been carrying name of Fizuli - outstanding poet and thinker, originator of Azerbaijan featured prose. Fizuli district is concentration of memorials of antiquity. Here in Gargabazar village it was allocated caravanserai (1684), mosque of haji Giyaseddin (1682). There mausoleums (Akhmedlilar, mausoleum of babids and Mirali( are being especially emphasized among monuments. Harmonic silhouette of Miral mausoleum in Ashagi-Veysali village (XIII-XIV centuries) is allocated around old roadway leading from Beylagan to Barda. On the territory of Fizuli area there allocated the famous Azikh and Taglar caves. In those caves there were found out caps of primitives. Ancient settlement existed as well nearby Garakepektepe hill on bluffs of Gendelenchay. Here it was discovered articles of labor, weapon, decorations and a big quantity of ceramic and metallic products; there were found out remains of ancient structures.