Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Ganja Regional Culture and Tourism Department

Gobustan city
"Gobu" in Azeri language means, "beam". Name of Gobustan origins from here. In spring, Iush crimson iris and surprisingly big chamomiles and poppies are flowering here. Climate in the region is subtropical, temperature in summer is +32 +42 C; in winter - +5, -5 C. There is a settlement of Maraza at the center of Maraza plateau on the highway - administrative center of Gobustan district. The people say that the name of Maraza origins in the fact as if one man settled his loved wife in these places in the name of rescuing her from the decease "maraza", where she was cured. Tourists are interested in visiting cave labyrinths in the gorge in other side of Maraza settlement connected with each other by craftly twisted passages and trapdoors. This is a system of galleries, passages, underground labyrinths constructed already in the Middle Age. There is a spring source of bitterly salty water not far from Maraza. Many historical monuments have saved in the region of Gobustan. The most considerable are the followings: mausoleum of Diri baba (1402), Caravanserai of shah Abbas, monuments of Sheikhbatgu, burial mounds of Sheikh-duzu. Caravanserai of shah Abbas is at the center of Maraza. Monuments of Sheikbargu are the remains of the settlements existing in the period of I century B.C. and VII century A. D. on the trade routes connecting Shamakhi and Tabriz. The archeologists discovered these ruins near the settlement of Dog Kolani in 1961. Burial mounds of Shekih-duzu are here burial mounds allocated in the settlement with the historical name of Shekih-Duzu. Gobustan region is one of the centers of Shirvan carpet weaving. Local carpets of "Maraza", "Nabur", "Chukhanli", "Jigirli" and "Jamjamli" are well known in the world. Where to stay You can rent the private house of room at moderate price. The owners guarantee high service for you. Where to eat You can eat tasty and inexpensive in roadside cafes and snack bars. In these areas, will professionally prepared shish kebabs from young sheep.